Intel Chair Rogers on Iran Deal: Dangerous

Mike Rogers State of the Union

Chairman of the House Intelligence Committee Mike Rogers sounded a litany of alarms Sunday morning on CNN’s State of the Union as he shared his thoughts on the deal the Obama administration struck with Middle Eastern foe Iran.

“We have just rewarded very bad and dangerous behavior.  So think about what this agreement says.  You can continue to enrich Uranium – that’s what the Iranians believe – and they have made no changes in the development of their nuclear weapons program and I can tell you that with a high degree of certainty.  So, here is the leading nation-state of terror who tried to commit a political assassination right here in Washington, DC; that is believed to have contributed to the deaths of hundreds of US soldiers in Iraq and Afghanistan; who continues to be the main driver between the incredible brutality in Syria; very active around the world in other political assassination attempts.  And what have we done?  We’ve taken away the one thing that has brought them to the table.”

You know what this administration loves to say – “the best deals are the ones nobody likes.”  Maybe this is the kind of deal they’re always talking about?

“There is very strong bipartisan opposition to the deal.  Our Arab League partners don’t like the deal.  Israel doesn’t like the deal.  And we may have just encouraged more violence in the future than we have stopped.”

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George W Bush on Leno (VIDEO)

George W Bush Leno Tonight Show

President George W. Bush made a rare public appearance Tuesday night as he and Former First Lady Laura Bush paid a visit to Jay Leno and The Tonight Show.  At first glance, it is clear to see the former president is doing well and looks extremely comfortable in his role as “former president.”  The tone of the interview was extremely lighthearted and only made a quasi-serious turn as Bush talked about his passion projects in Africa and working with wounded veterans.

I’ve posted multiple clips of the interview below.  They’re all worth a few minutes of your time.  And certainly don’t skip the unveiling of the Bush – Leno painting.  It’s actually quite good.

A few lines and high points…

“You’re about to head out to pasture just wanted to see what you looked like before you got to the gate.”

“I don’t think it’s good for the country to have a former president criticize his successor.”

“You have to believe in what you’re doing.”

“The only poll that really mattered was on Election Day. My first election was a little closer than I wanted.”

“I read a biography of Washington.  My attitude is that if they’re still writing biographies about the first guy, the 43rd guy doesn’t need to worry about it.”

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George Zimmerman Arrested, Again

George Zimmerman Mugshot

This guy is one of four things:

  1. A really bad judge of character
  2. A dude with some serious rage issues
  3. A total psychopath
  4. The dumbest human being on the planet

Perhaps, all of the above?

CNN:  George Zimmerman was charged Monday with felony aggravated assault after allegedly pointing a shotgun at his girlfriend, according to Dennis Lemma, chief deputy with the Seminole County, Florida, Sheriff’s Office.

According to a police report on the incident, Scheibe said that after an argument Zimmerman broke a table with a shotgun then pointed it at her “for a minute.”

Scheibe called 911 at 12:30 E.T., Lemma said.

On a 911 call recording released by police, a woman can be heard telling authorities: “He’s inside my house breaking all my (things) because I asked him to leave.”

The woman then says to someone at the house, “I’m doing this again? You just broke my glass table. You just broke my sunglasses and you put your gun in my freaking face and told me to get the (expletive) out.”

A man is heard telling her to calm down, but then she tells the dispatcher that the man just pushed her out of the house and locked the door.

On a separate 911 call, a man calls to report that his girlfriend was “for lack of a better term, going crazy on me” and throwing his things out. The caller says the woman is outside with police.

When asked why he is calling, the man says, “I just want everyone to know the truth.”


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Putin Tops Forbes Most Powerful List

Vladimir Putin President Obama Forbes Most Powerful

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As if President Obama wasn’t already having a bad enough week… now this?

Russian President Vladimir Putin is now the “World’s Most Powerful” person according a list released by Forbes Magazine Wednesday.  Citing President Obama’s domestic troubles and Putin’s perceived outmaneuvering of Obama on Syria, the magazine famed for its many lists now says Putin is the most powerful man in the world.

Oh how the mighty have fallen.

Rounding out the top five were Chinese President Xi Jinping (3rd), Pope Francis (4th), and German President Angela Merkel (5th).

FORBES:  Putin has solidified his control over Russia while Obama’s lame duck period has seemingly set in earlier than usual for a two-term president — latest example: the government shutdown mess. Anyone watching this year’s chess match over Syria and NSA leaks has a clear idea of the shifting individual power dynamics.

The Most Powerul People in the World list is an annual snapshot of the heads of state, financiers, philanthropists and entrepreneurs who truly rule the world. It represents the collective wisdom of top FORBES editors, who consider hundreds of nominees before ranking the planet’s top 72 power-brokers – one for every 100 million people on Earth — based on their scope of influence and their financial resources relative to their peers. (See full methodology here).

This year’s list features 17 heads of state who run nations with a combined GDP of some $48 trillion — including the three most powerful people, Putin, Obama and Xi Jinping, the general secretary of the Communist Party of China. The 27 CEOs and chairs control over $3 trillion in annual revenues, and 12 are entrepreneurs, including new billionaires on the list, Nigeria’sAliko Dangote (No. 64), founder of Dangote Group, and Oracle’s Larry Ellison(No. 58). Speaking of, this year’s class has 28 billionaires valued in excess of $564 billion.


VIDEO: Walker McGuire “0 to 60″

Walker McGuire

I’ve shared music from these guys before over at GOPTN, but I figured it was time to bring Walker McGuire here as well.  It’s been one hell of a week in the news world, so I’m thinking a little music may be just the remedy for the reallyfrigginawful midweek news clusterfark blues.  This was their first radio appearance – with Big D and Bubba.  That’s country radio, folks.


More about Walker McGuire here at Reverb Nation

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Navy SEALs at Boston Marathon?

I rarely share conspiracy theory nonsense here or elsewhere, but I came across a rather interesting piece over at Info Wars Wednesday night and thought about it into the evening and early Thursday.  Seemingly incapable of getting past it, I figured if a sensible and cynical chap like me found it to be interesting, maybe others would as well.

Truth be told, I’m not sure the whole “conspiracy theory” label is really accurate.  Perhaps, just odd coincidence or peculiar circumstance is more fitting.

Okay, scratch that.

We’ve been told since the first reports of the Boston Marathon bombing that there were no specific threats related to the event… so there was no need for a heightened level of security.

Well how do we explain photos of Navy SEALs at the finish line – captured near the blast site?

Navy SEALs Boston Marathon


Don’t get me wrong.  I’m not claiming a vast government conspiracy or even cover-up.  What am I suggesting is that it’s really frigging strange that Navy SEALs would be hanging around just before bombs went off in a crowded area.  They don’t appear to be there as “spectators”; so what’s the reason for their presence?  Why haven’t we heard about them in any of the press briefings?

Of course, they may not be SEALs.  If so, are they not suspect number one and number two?

I’m sure there’s an easy explanation.  I’m just not sure we’ll ever get it.